Sometimes, when editing hundreds of photos, it’s easy to become too judgmental. A case in point is the image I took of this girl at the Oxnard Boys & Girls Club a couple of years ago. I was shooting in the art room and she proudly held up two of her favorites for me.

But a hard splash of sunlight blasted across the frame and ruined it for me, and I marked it for the trash pile. Fortunately, I always allow a day before deleting my discards and on day two something about the image said “save me.” I did, and only recently stumbled across it.

I like it now, despite its flaws, because:

  • Her expression is so pure. She was so delighted with her art. You can get a shot perfectly lit and have a dead or strained expression. Expression trumps.
  • The blinding white light on the walls looks like angel wings
  • The bandage, which at first bothered me, makes it more real. I think she told me her brother did something dumb and caused the injury.
  • Her art itself bears scrutiny. Is that an alligator at left? Are those people his lunch? I guess the orange piece is waves. Whatever. It would look good on any refrigerator.

A plug for the Boys and Girls Club of Oxnard and Port Hueneme. They make a big difference for a lot of kids. Check out their website. If you’re in a charitable mood, they are a worthy cause.

Shortcut to a Photo gallery of the kids.

You can watch a Video here.


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