How can you photograph industrial products to make them look glamorous?

Or at least pretty enough to command a full page advertisement.

Amy Brown is Director of Corporate Communications at Birns, Inc, an Oxnard, California manufacturer of lighting and communications products for our planet’s most demanding environments—from deep ocean and marine applications to military programs and nuclear power facilities.

She called with just such an assignment.

Among of other products, Birns’s makes high-tech connectors of all types and sizes. They may not look like much to non-technical people, but they do a lot. Some carry both electrical and fiber optic signals. They’re in mission critical installations all over the world.

Product Photography that Shows Off

The challenge was to photograph them in an eye-catching way. We tried various approaches that showed the entire product line. But nothing quite had the visual punch.

So we opted for a glam look, elevating one of the connectors to “star” status and relegating the others as understudies. I lit our star much as I might a portrait and applied some post processing to complete the soft-focus, beauty look.

It worked, getting plenty of attention and positive feedback.

She oughta be in pictures, and “she” is.


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